Madeline Mosier...Beauty, Brains & Barbells

Madeline Mosier, two time CrossFit Regional Team Athlete, is one of the cutest, kindest, and strongest women I've ever met. By strong, I don't just mean big muscles. I was a Crossfitter for six months at one point in my life. Not only is it the most physically challenging work-out I ever put my body through, it is THE MOST mentally challenging work-out I ever put my mind through. I was strong; mind/body/soul. I felt like I could lift a car if I wanted to, carry my boyfriend down a flight of stairs out of a burning building, I felt like a Superhero. Crossfit isn't just about lifting heavy things or jumping on and off a really tall box as fast as you can, it's about believing that you can do anything. It's pushing yourself when you thought you had absolutley nothing left to push. That mentality didn't just stay in the box for me. I carried it into everything else in my life; improving my relationships, my drive, and downright strengthening my belief in myself. This is the kind of strong I see in Madeline.

Madeline is a coach at Brick Crossfit. She gives her time and energy to helping people reach their goals and feel better about themselves. A noble job, indeed.

Madeline Mosier
Madleine Mosier
Madeline Mosier
Madeline Mosier

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