BTS: Ben McKenzie for Bello Mag

This was my first time shooting BTS for the ever so fashionable and entertaining Bello Mag. My intention was to be stealthy like a ninja, a sniper, so so quiet and out of everyones way. Part of the time I felt like Wes Bentley in "American Beauty" taking pictures from behind plants, from a distance, standing on anything I could to get the "perfect shot." Most of the time mission accomplished, except for this one time. I was lying on the ground, focused, snapping away, and through my lens I see Ben McKenzie's head tilt over ever so slightly to... look at me... and I hear something along the lines of, "what the..." followed by some giggles. I realize that I am now the center of everyone's attention, and that I'm positioned in a way that gives Child Pose a whole new meaning, and yup Ben McKenzie is calling me out. I blush, I'm speechless, a moment to remember. Click "More Photos" to see the moment.

Check out the spread of Ben McKenzie at: WWW.BELLOMAG.COM

Ben McKenzie
Ben McKenzie

Photographer and Editor in Chief of Bello Mag, "Alek Tomovic" with Executive Director, "Leslie Alejandro," getting the light just right for the shot.

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